Dress Code

Official Dress Code for Amateur and Open Events

  • A collared shirt will be required at every Amateur Event unless otherwise specified. If a participant is not in a collared shirt they will not be allowed to play until they are in a collared shirt. Each player has a 5 minute window to arrive at their table ready to play. Should a player be put on the clock, a 1 rack penalty will be given for every 5 minutes expiring after the match is called. The event will carry on and when both players are present, play will continue with any penalties in effect.
  • Slacks are preferred. Jeans with no tears, holes, or strings are allowed. Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • No flip flops, sandals, or bare feet. Casual dress shoes and tennis shoes are preferred.
  • Hats are okay as long as they are worn properly. 
  • No shorts will be allowed.