Reviewed and Published 11/05/2021

  • Added Money : Varies, Minimum $1000 Added to Each Event
  • Tournament Stops : 8-12 Stops Per Year. Season Begins with the State Championships and Ends with the Winter Classic Championship
  • Times :  Doors Open at 9 AM on Saturday, and 10 AM on Sunday. Unless otherwise specified.
  • Payouts : 1/3 to 1/4 of the field. Depending on size of draw. Last Lady with Minimum 3 Ladies, Last Junior with Minimum 3 Juniors. 
  • Winner of each Event will get a free entry into the Winter Classic Championship
  • Top 8 Ranked Players at the end of the event prior to the Winter Classic will get a free entry into the Winter Classic
    • Top 1 Ranked Ladies will get a free entry into the Winter Classic Championship
    • Top 1 Ranked Juniors will get a free entry into the Winter Classic Championship
    • Top 2 Ranked A Rated Players
    • Top 2 Ranked B Rated Players
    • Top 2 Ranked C Rated Players

Saturday : Wear whatever you want. Just don’t make it painful or uncomfortable to look at you! We want you to play your best, be comfortable, and have fun doing it. Shorts, Track Pants, Basketball Shorts, Flip Flops, Crocs, Crocs with Socks, Tights, Florida Style, whatever. Remember you will only look as sharp as you make yourself look!

Sunday : If you make it to the money rounds on Sundays, you will be required to wear close toed shoes, nice pants or shorts (dress or golf, no basketball or jersey), and a collared shirt. Hats are okay and must be worn facing forward. This is mandatory and any participation prior to Sunday is acknowledgement and acceptance of this rule. 

The Official Tournament Software of the Florida Pool Tour is Digital Pool.



  1. Rack Your Own
  2. In 9-Ball , the 2-ball is required to be in the left or right position, touching the 9-Ball.
  3. In 10-Ball, the 2-Ball and 3-Ball must be on either corner. 10-Ball in the center.
  4. In 8-Ball, 1 solid and 1 striped ball must be on either corner. 
  5. Attempting to freeze numbered balls in a particular position by rolling the front ball backwards is prohibited. The very last motion while racking must be forward. There is no using of the fingers to place or freeze a ball from the front.
  6. Once the rack is lifted, you may not touch the balls. If you must adjust the balls you may only do so with the rack in place. 
  1. Winner will break
  2. Legal Break : A legal break occurs when a) the one (1) ball (object ball, or substituted lowest ball on the foot spot) is struck first by the cue ball and a minimum of four (4) numbered balls driven to the rail, or b) a numbered ball is legally pocketed.
  3. The 9-Ball does not count in the bottom 2 pockets on the break. It must be made in the top 4 pockets to be a legal win.
  4. The 10-Ball does not count in any pockets on the break. It will be spotted immediately before play continues. It must be called and pocketed legally to win.
  5. The 8-Ball does not count in any pockets on the break. It will be spotted immediately before play continues. It must be called and pocketed legally to win.

All Ball Foul Rule in effect.

  1. It is a foul to touch, move or change the path of any object ball, except by the normal ball-to-ball contacts during shots. It is a foul to touch, move or change the path of the cue ball, except when it is in hand or by the normal tip-to-ball forward stroke contact of a shot. The shooter is responsible for the equipment he controls at the table, such as chalk, bridges, clothing, his/her hair, parts of his/her body, and the cue ball when it is in hand, that may be involved in such fouls. If such a foul is accidental, it is a standard foul, but if it is intentional, it is considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  1. The player who executes a legal break and pockets a numbered ball has the option to push out (shoot the cue ball) on the first shot after the legal break. If no balls are legally pocketed on the break, the incoming player retains the option to push out. After a legal push out, the incoming player has the option to accept the position of the cue ball and execute a shot, or pass (non-execute) the shot attempt and allow the opponent to shoot. During a push out, the player may shoot the cue ball to any area on the table by executing a legally attempted shot. There is no requirement for the cue ball to strike a numbered ball or rail or to drive any ball to a rail, and any numbered ball that is pocketed stays down. The only numbered ball to be spotted is the nine (9) ball. A push out must be executed by means of a legally stroked shot. There is no requirement for any ball to strike a rail during a push out. Any illegal shot results in a foul, giving the incoming player cue ball-in hand. The push out must be declared, and the player attempting the push out must receive acknowledgement from the opponent. If the player receives an acknowledgement from the opponent and executes the shot, it will be considered a legal shot. All rules pertaining to fouls shall apply, regardless of intent, final placement or path of the cue ball or struck numbered balls.
  1. Three fouls in a row by the same player in a single game results in a win for his or her opponent. The opponent must warn the player when he or she has fouled twice, and the player must acknowledge the warning. This must happen before the incoming player is addressing the table. If the intended shooter is at the table, it is too late and will be considered unsportsmanlike to interrupt the shooter.
  2. If the opponent has not warned the player and received acknowledgement for the two fouls, and the player fouls a third time, then the player will begin his or her next inning in the same game with two fouls.


  1. The baseline race for every event will be Race to 7 on the winner’s side and Race to 5 on the 1-Loss side. There will be handicap adjustments in regards to a player’s rating.
  2. At any time the tournament director may ask that a select player(s) cede 1, 2, or 3 games to their opponent. These players are designated by tour officials to exhibit qualities of a top amateur player, road player, and/or professional player.
  3. If a player is to give up any games, he must announce this to his opponent and it is the opponent’s (player receiving the free games) responsibility to make sure the game(s) is marked BEFORE the start of the match.
  4. Matches/Racks that are not scored during the match and AFTER a winner is proven, WILL NOT be replayed. 

We have enlisted a Handicap Committee for player review and handicap decisions. While we are certain we cannot please every single player on tour, we feel this is the most fair. Players in need of review will be discussed and voted upon to establish a handicap where FargoRate does not provide guidance. FargoRate will NOT be the only factor used in determining a players rating on the Florida Pool Tour. 

The handicap on Florida Pool Tour will not be used in every event and it will be clear when it is NOT in use. Otherwise in general it will be applied to most events. In the effort to be as fair as possible to both higher skilled and entry level players, we will use the handicap system to entertain all players in the event schedule of 2 days each event. 

Main events will use the handicap. Second Chance events will not be handicapped. 

2022 Handicap Committee

  • Tony “The Sniper” Crosby
  • Rocky McElroy
  • Carrie Vetrono
  • Jason Richko
  • Michael Lear
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