Stop # 3 Jordan steps up to the plate in Tallahassee, Captures 10-Ball Title

2018 Florida State Open 10-Ball Championship

What a great event we just had March 3-4 at Zingales Billiard Room & Sports Bar in Tallahassee, FL. The two day event was chock full of close matches and great playing by some of the best players the region has to offer. Johnny Archer and Tony Chohan even stopped in to get a taste of the talent we see on tour regularly. 55 Players showed for the main event which was Live Streamed directly to our website and Facebook page. 31 Players opted into the 2nd chance event on Sunday. Zingales added $3500 to the main event and $500 added to the 2nd chance event. On Saturday before the start of the event, Florida Pool Tour awarded the first Ambassador Award to Michael Zingale and the rest of the family and staff. Handed to Michael was a very nice red plaque that read ‘In recognition for outstanding goodwill and service for all things billiards. Past, present, and future” Thank you to the Zingales family for being a key supporter of pool and events in Florida.


1. $2100
2. $1400
3. $1000
4. $700
5/6. $400
7/8. $250
9/12. $125

Winner Side Final Four

David Grossman over Johnny Archer 7-4
Randy Jordan over Tobias Hoiss 7-5

Hot Seat Match

Randy Jordan over David Grossman 7-5

Losers side 9-12

Francisco Diaz over Rhyan Hunter 7-4
Anthony Meglino over Kristian Dimitrov 7-0
Nick Applebee over Tony Crosby 7-4
Tommy Kennedy over Wayne Catledge 7-2

Losers side 7/8

Anthony Meglino over Francisco Diaz 7-4
Tommy Kennedy over Nick Applebee 7-6

Loser side 5/6

Anthony Meglino over Johnny Archer 7-4
Tommy Kennedy over Tobias Hoiss 7-2

Loser side 4th

Tommy Kennedy over Anthony Meglino 7-6 (hill/hill thriller)

Loser side 3rd

David Grossman over Tommy Kennedy 7-5

Final Match

Randy Jordan wins over David Grossman 9-3

Jordan jumped out 4-1 before Grossman scored, battled back and forth until 6-3 then Jordan shut Grossman out for the title.

Top Finishers

1. Randy Jordan
2. David Grossman
3. Tommy Kennedy
4. Anthony Meglino
5. Tobias Hoiss
6. Johnny Archer
7. Nick Applebee
8. Francisco Diaz
9. Tony Crosby
10. Wayne Catledge
11. Rhyan Hunter
12. Kristian Dimitrov
13. Billy Burke
14. Jeff Jordan
15. Jesse Middlebrooks
16. Tony Chohan

Congratulations to Steve Chaplin winning our 2nd chance event with a 31 player field!

We would like to say thank you to Zingales family and staff for an excellent job on a brand new location and great hospitality over the 2 day event. Thank you to our Sponsors, Simonis, Aramith, Stroke-It-Wear, Crosby's Billiards and Darts, and XL Press Co.

Our next event is Stop #4 at Capone’s in Spring Hill, FL April 21-22, 2018. This will be a points event.

Players can enter online at