Kennedy secures first Super 32 Title, Adams emerges with Amateur title

What a fantastic event we just hosted at Capone's in Spring Hill, FL this past weekend. Saturday kicked off the 3rd installment of the Super 32 Open 10-Ball Championship. We were aware the Tornado Open was upon us and had taken up a good portion of the players that would normally attend this event. Upon it's cancellation, we gained a few of them back and started with 18 players ready to test each other for the next 20 hours.

Some early highlights included Justin Hall winning over Nathan Rose 9-4 and going on to best Tony Crosby 9-1 directly after that. Only to fall 9-3 to Donny Mills.

Donny Mills gets by Jason Richko and Sam Kantar before squaring off with Justin Hall. After trouncing him he waited for Tommy Kennedy to complete his drive.

Tommy Kennedy starts off with MN top player Josh Burbul and moves past him to face Jeanette Lee. Tommy meant business and was just getting warmed up when he posted a 9-1 win over Lee, setting him up to play Anthony Meglino next.

Losing in the 2nd round and his first match of the event, Stephen Richmond began a campaign that looked like it would never end. Losing to James Roberts first he goes west and finds the right mixture to post wins over Jason Richko, Nathan Rose, Justin Hall and Donnie Bronson. Only to finally lose in 3rd place to Tommy Kennedy.

Surprise performance by Donny Branson put him 4th place with a highlight set over Tony Crosby 9-1. And directly after Crosby, Bronson dispatches Meglino.

Coming into the final after having lost to Mills 9-5, Tommy Kennedy meant business and his business was to make Donny Mills the most recent graduate from the Kennedy School of Pool. Tommy puts the pedal to the metal and dismantles Mills 9-2 for the win.


1. Tommy Kennedy $3000
2. Donny Mills $2000
3. Stephen Richmond $1200
4. Donny Branson $800
5. Anthony Meglino $600
6. Justin Hall $600

On the amateur 9-ball side, we began the 1-day event with 58 players. It was a who's who affair with many top florida names in the mix. There were 15 Lady/Junior players in this even making up 24% of the field.

James Adams loses to Sam Kantar in the 2nd round and would eventually end up the winner besting Francisco Diaz in the nail biting hill/hill final. Adams leaving behind a laundry list of players in his wake. Posting wins over Alex Leonard, Yomaylin Feliz, Jon Stafford, Josh Burbul, Bill Stroup, Dominick Dunn, Kristian Dimitrov and Jennifer Berzinski.

Francisco Diaz is always a fun player to compete with and would show that this weekend. His list of players downed included John Filax, Ash Chewcaskie, Bill Stroup, Jay Winters, Dominick Dunn and then capturing the hot seat from James Adams. Diaz would fight back and forth up to 6/6 before falling into 2nd place against Adams in the final.

Without a doubt hands down MVP of the tournament is going to Jennifer Berzinski. As a female player she has now reached the most impressive finish in a larger event on the Florida Pool Tour in years. Finishing in 3rd place and securing Top Lady, while playing back to back to back matches. Besting Rhyan Hunter, Will Smith, Ed Kiess, Joel Vetrono, and finally falling to Francisco Diaz.

Close behind Jennifer was the other half of this weekends Power Couple, Dominick Dunn. Dunn getting past Christopher White, Jeri Bouvette, Jon Stafford, Wesley White before falling to that same Francisco Diaz. Dunn would end up 5/6 on the day after losing out to James Adams. The event winner.

Kristian Dimitrov also had a great showing this weekend with some steady play. Starting off with a win against Demetrius Jelatis, who had perhaps the highest Fargo ratinig in the tournamend and was giving up 1 rack the whole way. Dimitrov proceeded that with wins over Ed Peterson, Aay Kay, John Dandurand, before falling to Berzinski. On the west side, Dimitrov bested David Singleton before falling to James Adams and sitting in 4th place on the day.

Honorable mention goes to Kodi Allen, FL junior player. He mustered up the nerve to jump into the actual 10-ball open and shot very well considering the experience of the field in play. Working his way through the early stages with a loss in the second round, Kodi finally found that gear that would lead him to 7/8 and Top Junior for this event.


1. James Adams $800
2. Francisco Diaz $550
3. Jennifer Berzinski $400 + Top Lady $100
4. Kristian Dimitrov $300
5. David Singleton $200
6. Dominick Dunn $200
7. Bill Stroup $100
8. Kodi Allen $100 + Top Junior $120

As always Rocky McElroy and staff were on point and provided an amazing atmosphere for pool, whether you were playing or were watching, there was no way you weren't having a good time this weekend. And if you weren't there or did not watch the stream, YOU MISSED OUT!  We thank Capone's for being an anchor location on the Florida Pool Tour and will enjoy the coming year with more events.

Once again, we appreciate each and every player for taking part in making FPT the longest running and most prestigious tour in the southeast.

Most importantly we thank our tour sponsors for the time, dedication and support they have and will continue to give to the players.

Aramith - Billiard Balls
Iwan Simonis Billiards
Lucasi Cues and Players Cues with the Pure X Cues
Straight Shooter Gear
Crosby's Billiards and Darts
Crosby’s Sports Bar & Grill
XL Press Co

Our next event is at Uncle Waldos in Daytona Beach, FL on December 8-9. We will begin to take online entries for that event today!