Gore hits a trifecta, Meglino steals the Open

With tour stop #11 at a close, this also marks the closing of the regular season of play on the Florida Pool Tour. Lots of great times had this weekend, playing, watching, mingling and raising the comradery level to new height.  December 8-9 we descended upon Uncle Waldos Sports Bar & Billiards in Daytona Beach. 41 Players in the draw this time and we are proud to announce the lady contingency here is STRONG! Ten lady players making up more than 25% of the field this event. It is official, they are here and they are for real. Weather turned sour overnight and we awoke to monsoon rain and tornado watches and warnings all over the state. With that came some last minute cancellations for the Open 10-Ball event and we were underway with 8 players this time.


With the gracious help of our Tour Sponsor - Purex Cues and having Mr. Chuck White and Mr. Arturo Reyes in the event, we were able to offer a FREE raffle ticket for every paid player to get a chance at a Purex Jump Break Cue. Part of the initiative of giving back to the players on tour here, we will have this opportunity at all of our tour stops in 2019. Yes, you heard that, enter an event and get a FREE chance at a Purex Jump Break Cue.

This leads us to quite a story coming out of the Amateur 9-Ball event. On Friday evening Jon Gore was tussling with the idea of even playing on Saturday. Come Saturday Jon showed up, paid his entry and proceeded to be the ticket we chose for the Purex Raffle. As the day progressed, we also offered up another $10 Cue Raffle. After selling all day and having the event move into it’s final stages, we were ready to select the next winner. It was Jon Gore! So that was 2/2 on the raffle action for Jon. He was selected at around the same time he was in the midst of battle for the hot  seat against Jason Sheerman. Unbelievable! The Trifecta if Jon would win the event. He did.

Jason Sheerman, a contender for Player of the Year this year with solid performance across the board, did not disappoint this. With having given up 1 game to the field, Jason seemd to be on cruise control all the way out to the hot seat match. Besting Harley Hall, Justin Toye, David Singleton, and Chuck White along the way. Failing to capture king of the hill, Sheerman heads west to handle Perez and get back to the east side. By this time with lots of drawn out matches, Sheerman and Gore are to face off in the final. At 3 am, Sheerman and Gore agree to split with the caveat leaning to Gore for capturing the hot seat. The trifecta is real! Gore wins both cue raffles and the Amateur 9-Ball Event.

Edwin Perez, a local from Uncle Waldos would string together some close wins on the day agains Rhyan Hunter, Cory Crain, and before falling to eventual event winner Jon Gore. Having gone west, Perez picks up with Singleton and puts him away 5-2 and shifts focus to Hunter, besting him 5-3 and moving on to Jason Sheerman. Sheerman shares other plans and forces Perez to take home the 3rd place envelope.

Rhyan Hunter a tour regular seems to be showing the seasoning of putting the pieces together with a great run this event. Starting with a win over Justin Gilsinan in the first round 7-6 Hunter would barely fall to Edwin Perez by the same score. On the west side, Rhyan would win 6 straight matches before utlimtately losing for a second time to Perez. Posting wins over Red Ross, Shane Grilo, Nicole Cuellar, Miguel Pabon, Alec Saputo, and Chuck White before falling to Perez by a score of 5-3 and into 4th place.


Chuck White decided to give it a go this weekend, not only in attending the event on behalf of Cue and Case Sales, Lucasi Cues and Purex Cues, but because he is a heck of a player and wanted to get in the grease too. White would seam to coast all the way out to the winner side final 4 before taking a loss. His closest set was against Bill Stroup 7-5. Before that was a win sending Cody Booth west 7-3, after besting Stroup, White would be forced to take on his colleague and road dog, Arturo Reyes, dispatching him handily with a 7-4 win. Next facing Jason Sheerman, White would be close, but not close enough losing 7-5 and going west. Picking up Rhyan Hunter in another close battle, Chuck would sit down in 5/6 on the day.

David Singleton who had been blazing a trail all season started out playing Nathan Rose in the first round, he then took on Kate Bowse in a close one winning 7-5. Next would be Shane Grilo on the same score 7-5. Afterwich Singletons march halted in a 7-3 loss to Jason Sheerman. On the westside David picks up Cody Booth and scoots by 5-3, before besting Marcus Murillo 5-2. It now appeared Singleton had met his demise with a stun set loss, 5-1 against fellow local Edwin Perez, with a 5-1 score, Singleton was forced to take the 5/6 spot and sit down.

Alec Saputo had  started out with a win over Jeannie Seaver but could not get past Arturo Reyes. On the westside, Saputo picks up Nathan Rose and stuns him with a healthy 5-1 win there. Next would be tour regular and tough player Bill Stroup and again Saputo puts up a 5-1 victory. If 2 back to back 5-1 wins weren’t enough Alec went ahead with a 3rd against Bill Sullivan, 5-1 before falling to another strong tour regular Rhyan Hunter.

Marcus Murillo and Alec Saputo both having great events would lock up the 7/8 spots. Murillo having fell to the new junior on tour Justin Toye, would go west and begin seeking the comeback. Getting a bye in the first round on the 1-loss side, Murillo would then face a freebie with Christian Daniels withdrawing minutes before. Next would be Shanelle Loraine in what seemed to be a lengthy match. Followed by wins against Cory Crain, Arturo Reyes and then ultimately falling to David Singleton.

Amateur 9-Ball Results

1. Jon Gore

2. Jason Sheerman

3. Edwin Perez

4. Rhyan Hunter

5. Chuck White

6. David Singleton

7. Alec Saputo

8. Marcus Murillo

 Top Lady

1. Nicole Cuellar



Florida Pool Tour would like to extend a very special thank you to AJ, Patti, and Tony Condercuri for not only creating a great spot to play pool in the Daytona Beach area, but for taking into hear the advice, and feedback given by all and putting it to action. It wasn’t but just a couple years ago they begain their endeavor into what we know now as a rejuventated and reinvigorated sense of pride when it comes to turning Uncle Waldo’s Sports Bar and Grill into what it is today. A part of that is also putting up the prize money not once, but twice in a year to make sure that region gets and opportunity to display its skill and passion on the Florida Pool Tour. Thank you!


We thank our title sponsor Purex Cues for their newfound relationship and continued support in making this tour fun and worthy to the players. It is not everyday you can enter in an event and have a chance to win prizes that are worth more than the entry, FOR FREE! Just a start of many new things coming to the tour, for the players of course! Special thanks goes to Aramith Balls and Simonis Cloth, for without your support we might not be using top notch equipment in every room, on every stop. for having an awesome platform to share our events to the rest of the USA, keep it going!

Most importantly we want to thank each and every one of the players who have attended one or more tour stops this year, prior years, and years to come. We are the longest running, and most prestigious tour in the southeast and it is because of you the players.