Mrvos and Broumpton set the bar for 2017

Mrvos and Broumpton set the bar for 2017 in Palm Harbor.

Wow! What a weekend down in Palm Harbor, FL at Stroker’s. Florida Pool Tour Stop #1 was a big success! We played host to 80+ players in the Amateur 9-Ball Event and 24 players in the Super 24 10-Ball Event. Of course as always, Jose Del Rio and his staff at Stroker’s made sure everyone was taken care of, following the Stroker’s motto, “Always a good time!”

With this event marking the very first of the 2017 season we put in play some changes to the tour and we saw very positive results. Great Pool and Great Events are Back in Florida!

First was the Dress Code. Every player looked good and the event had a much better atmosphere in regards to anyone watching in person, or on the live stream. We strive to provide a revered stage in which you are able to display your skills and talents as a player. In return, we ask that you dress smart and look as good as you want to look.  Even Chris Gentile (3rd place) was able to play about 3 balls better wearing some pants and collared shirt, a true inspiration for all who play on tour.

Secondly, the Online Registration. This was such a huge success! We had such a good response to the ability to sign up and secure a spot online that we are going to move all of our registrations to be online. There were no pre sign ups, nor did we force anyone to pay online, the draw simply filled up on its own within a few days’ time. We were able to trim quite a bit of time and narrow down to 4 final players to play on Sunday, by about 12am. Having our event player list filled and ready is a huge benefit for everyone and also the first step to moving toward 1-Day events as many have requested. From now on, if anyone would like to play in an FPT event, the online registration, or paying the host location directly in person will be the only two ways to get in.

Lastly, we have brought back the points system. We are going to hold an invitational event for the top spots on tour and the winners could win some big prizes as well as paid entries into major pro events in the 2018 season. We will also be able to begin spotlighting some talent monthly on our tour with a visible way to track performance and dedication.

Now for the details. In the Amateur 9-Ball event we saw lots of very close matches and quite a few sets of no contest. Che Mrvos (Winner) would start his campaign off with Justin Marrero, before taking on local player Bobby Parks. Then surviving a hill/hill close one with Steve Abelow, he pushed forward and onto Jose Martinez who just couldn’t stop him either. Mrvos would wait on the Final four for James Sandaler to make his way. Sandaler giving up 1 rack to the field, bested Zack Burgess, John Souders, Moe Fattah, and Matt Deweese (4th) to get to Che. Che would prove the winner in a very close hill/hill win to wait to play for the hot seat.

In the lower half of the chart, tour regulars David Uwate, and Jon Wing were doing work trying to race to the chair. Uwate would down Tony DiGiacomo, Christian Sepulveda, Dan Marchini, and Gary Gilsinan (XPC) to get a shot to get in the chair. His opponent would eventually be Jon Wing.  Wing started out against Ed Kiess, and then put back to back 6-1 wins on Todd Lovejoy and Kyle Bova before getting to Uwate. Wing had his own plan in mind downing Uwate 6-2 and then setting his sights on Che.

Now on the west side, Uwate picks up Deweese and does not survive taking home the 5/6 spot. Chris Gentile squares off with James Sandaler only to get the best of it and move forward to the one-loss semifinal against Deweese. Gentile’s attire was just too strong for Deweese and he moves on to pick up Wing in the one-loss side final. As with most of his other matches, Wing put the brakes on Gentile’s march to the chair with a near shutout 5-1 win.

Now in the finals, Wing and Mrvos match up for the title. Che staring down the possibility of Wing winning the first set and forcing a 1 rack shootout. That proved to be enough motivation for Che Mrvos as he came from behind 5-1 to capture the title 6-5, handing Wing the 2nd place envelope.

Sunday brings on the Super 24 10-Ball event. A couple of upsets this time around would pave a way for a new winner. The upsets being  Mike Davis going 2 and out, losing to Wesley White. Tony Crosby did practice for 25 mins before the event and sent Donny Mills back to the car lot to tend to his midnight madness sale.

On the winner’s side we had James Roberts facing off with Anthony Meglino. Meglino looked to be on a mission with a first round win over room owner Jose Del Rio, 7-2. Then clipping Pedro Botta 7-0, then James Sandaler 7-1 before getting to the final four against James Roberts. Roberts got a lucky first round bye and had to watch Tony Crosby put it on Mike Davis 7-3. Roberts took notes and did the same thing to Crosby sending him west 7-3. On the lower half of the chart was Tommy Kennedy who also got that lucky first round bye. His first match was Chris Gentile (3rd in the Amateur). Chris’s pants seemed to have been helping him along the way, but not enough as Kennedy slipped away on the hill/hill rack. Next up for Kennedy was Donny Mills. Mills tried to cut Kennedy a deal, but Tommy said no thanks, I will just take the win fair and square at 7-5. Local fixture on the tour Jason Richko decided this would be the weekend he would show up to play. Starting in round 1 with George Breedlove he wins a nail biter 7-6, then moves through local player Bobby Parks before matching up with Michael DeLawder. Richko had his eye on the prize and put DeLawder down 7-3 moving on to Kennedy. Now in the quarterfinals, Meglino would post his worst winning score yet, 7-3 over James Roberts where he would wait in the hot seat. Richko picking up steam didn’t let off and plowed through Kennedy 7-1. He even took a chance flier at making it 7-0 before finally closing it out. Setting up the semifinal on the winner’s side.

On the west side Richard Broumpton was getting charged up to make a run for the final after having being sent there by James Roberts earlier. Getting through Rich Schau 7-3, James Sandaler 7-3 and even Tommy Kennedy 7-6 by virtue of a 10-ball shot hit way too hard by Kennedy. This would set Broumpton waiting to get into the Semifinal. On the lower westside, Mike DeLawder was heating up and marching through everyone. DeLawder having being sent over by Jason Richko earlier, took that as an inspiration to move past Tim Parisian 7-5, barely escaping Tony Crosby 7-6 and then throwing the hammer at James Roberts with a 7-0 revenge set. Now the semifinal was set, Broumpton versus DeLawder.

Back to the winner’s side for a set to watch Meglino battle with Richko. A nail biter trading back and forth basically the whole way, led us to a hill/hill thriller for the hot seat. Meglino set up a safety and barely left a window for Richko to kick rail first and run the rack for the hot seat.

Broumpton waiting patiently for Meglino to arrive for the one-loss side final. Meglino desperately seeking his first Super title on tour put in another grinder set and came up short. Broumpton would be on to the finals in a 7-6 victory over Meglino handing him the 3rd place envelope.

Onto the final with Jason Richko versus Richard Broumpton. Broumpton had his own plan, played smart and really did not let Richko in the game. Good safety play and great cue ball control led Broumpton to the 9-2 victory and his first title in over 10 years. This is a good testament to the tour that every now and then a veteran can still get out there and play clutch.

Super 24 Top 8

  1. Richard Broumpton
  2. Jason Richko
  3. Anthony Meglino
  4. Michael DeLawder
  5. Tommy Kennedy
  6. James Roberts
  7. Tony Crosby
  8. James Sandaler
Amateur 9-Ball Top 16

  1. Che Mrvos
  2. Jon Wing
  3. Chris Gentile
  4. Matt Deweese
  5. David Uwate
  6. Jim Sandaler
  7. Gary Gilsinan
  8. Jose Del Rio
  9. Mark Wathen
  10. Marco Delia
  11. Jose Martinez
  12. Mubarak Sulaiman
  13. Tim Baron
  14. Steve Abelow
  15. Kraig Ray
  16. Kyle Bova

We would like to especially thank Javier Chirino for making our tour trophies, they were awesome as usual! Also, Jose Del Rio and his wonderful staff at Stroker’s Palm Harbor for the great food, fun, and hospitality all weekend long. Thank you to our title sponsors; Crosby’s Billiards and Darts, Aramith Duramith Balls, Simonis Cloth, and XPC: Xtreme Pool Challenge.

Our next event is at Capone’s in Spring Hill, FL on April 22-23. This will feature 3 events in 1 with the Super 16, Amateur 9-Ball and a one-off Second Chance Amaeteur Event. Please keep in touch with all of the action by visiting our brand new website at