McKenny and Baraks turn up the heat in chilly Tallahassee, FL

IMG_5476What a fantastic event we just had over there at Zingales Billiard Room & Sports Bar! Kicking things off with a super sweet and heartfelt tribute to Scotty Townsend. Kollet Nichole Probst, you did an amazing job on his portrait, which will now hang in the pool room for all to see and pay respect to. Then right into a great player auction and then onto crowning a brand new champion on the Florida Pool Tour. 77 players in the Main Event draw and a cool 40 players in the Second Chance event. Lots of intense matches going on all weekend. We had notable players like Sky Woodward, Manny Perez, Robb Saez, Shane Mcminn, Butch Croft, Tom Kennedy, Anthony Crosby, Justin Hall, Benji Buckley, Raymond Linares, Stoney Stone, Michael DeLawder, and many more!
Congratulations to Daniel Mckenney for taking the win and Benji Buckley for taking runner-up (He won it last year, strong!) Butch Croft snuck in there to get a 3rd place finish as well!
In the Second Chance event, Jamie Baraks put the beast mode on and started running for the win. Matthew Bulfin took 2nd place with Rod Rents just behind him rounding out the top 3.
Once again big thanks to Michael Zingale and the staff for being so hospitable throughout the entire weekend.
XPC – Xtreme Pool Challenge, once again providing the best stream in the country. 5 HD Tables, free all weekend long! It doesn’t get any better than that folks.

Top 16 Finishers
1. Daniel McKenny
2. Benji Buckley
3. Butch Croft
4. Stoney Stone
5. Manny Perez
6. Denny Singletary
7. Robb Saez
8. Shane McMinn
9. Clint Nichols
10. Sky Woodward
11. Tony Crosby
12. Tommy Kennedy
13. Howie Gordon
14. Randy Jordan
15. Robert Melrose
16. Detroit Griffin

Top 12 Second Chance
1. James Baraks
2. Matt Bulfin
3. Rod Rentz
4. George Saunders
5. Jessie Middlebrooks
6. Richard Broumpton
7. George McLanahan
8. Jeff Jordan
9. Billy Burke
10. Jason Jones
11. Dale Stanley
12. Steve Chaplin